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Anat - Creative Arts Center

The goal of the creative arts center is to provide a suitable rehabilitation framework for mentally ill people who show potential in the area of the arts.

The classes, which include painting, ceramics, creative writing and drama, provide the participant with a unique opportunity to reverse the damage to self image which is part and parcel of the 'career' of the psychiatric patient. Anat activities help to fill the void and counteract the feelings of emptiness experienced by many mentally ill people.

The group activity of the classes contributes to social rehabilitation. The development of communication skills through interaction decreases participants' feelings of loneliness. The learning skills developed in Anat contribute to future vocational rehabilitation by improving concentration and providing experience in working within a framework that requires punctuality and regularity.

In short, Anat provides normative creative activity in a special framework, which addresses the needs of the mentally ill for social and vocational rehabilitation.