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People being Treated for Mental Illness

If you are under treatment for any mental illness you are invited to take part in our activities. At Enosh - Jerusalem you will be able to find a social rehabilitation framework which will answer your specific needs. There are social clubs for various ages and levels of functioning, an arts center where you can develop your talents, a sheltered housing program which will help you to enjoy independent living and an individual 'mentor' program.

To join any of these programs call 02-6724723, and we will be happy to give you further details.


10 Good Reasons to Join Enosh, Jerusalem

  1. You will be in the company of people who understand you.
  2. You will be part of a community working to reach its own goals.
  3. You will be able to enjoy varied social activities.
  4. Our staff is caring and dedicated.
  5. You will be encouraged to develop and progress at your own speed.
  6. Our activities are subsidized to suit your budget.
  7. You will be less lonely in the company of others.
  8. We provide a place where you can voice you concerns and they will receive attention.
  9. You can be an active member of our organization and help others like yourself.

Workers in the Caring Professions

Being part of an organized framework for social activities in the community is an important part of your client's rehabilitation. We invite you to contact us to learn how your clients can benefit from activities within the framework of Enosh, Jerusalem and to discuss the inclusion of Enosh activities as part of your client's rehabilitation program.

You may refer clients directly to Enosh or arrange an appointment with Zara Fisher, Jerusalem Branch director who will be happy to help you find the right program for your client.

We invite workers from the caring professions, psychologists, social workers, art therapists, occupational therapists etc, who identify with our goals to join us in one of the following ways:


Join us as a Volunteer

Among the many volunteers at Enosh - Jerusalem are several professionals, psychologists and social workers in the main, who provide supervision and training, on an individual or group basis, for our permanent staff.

This special form of volunteerism enables experienced people from the caring professions to share their knowledge and expertise with our young and dynamic staff and, at the same time to keep up-to-date with developments in Enosh.

Our staff benefits from the opportunity to widen their horizons, to learn and develop. This special volunteer program strengthens the ties between Enosh and the various treatment centers.

To volunteer as a supervisor:

Please apply directly to the director, Zara Fisher, Tel. 02 6724723 or send your C.V. by fax to 02-6731875

Join us as a Salaried Worker

Sometimes, as a result of staff changes or the opening of a new project, opportunities occur to join our professional staff as a salaried worker. If you would like to enquire about the possibility of joining our permanent staff, please send your C.V. by fax to 02-6731875. We will contact you when an appropriate position becomes available.

10 Good Reasons to Join the Professional Staff
of the Jerusalem Branch of Enosh:

1. Be a part of a young and dynamic staff.

2. Professional supervision to ensure personal and professional development.

3. Fascinating work with people who truly need your investment in them.

4. Be part of a vital service that addresses basic mental health needs.

5. Contribute to the important goal of helping the mentally ill take their place in the community.

6. Our organization is 'user friendly' for both clients and staff.

7. Opportunities to have your ideas and opinions heard and to influence the development of services.

8. Flexible work hours.

9. Your creativity and initiative will be appreciated.

10. Gain experience in the field.


Volunteers without Professional Background

Volunteers play an important role all of our programs. There are numerous possibilities for volunteers in the Jerusalem branch of Enosh:

1. Voluntary Positions in Group Frameworks

In Social Clubs.

Volunteers work to form friendly relationships with Enosh members within the club framework. They play board games with members and organize classes on topics of interest, such as current events, cooking, English conversation etc.

In Milfi, the Enosh Arts Center

Volunteers assist the teachers in each of the art classes.

2. Voluntary Positions with Individual members

The volunteer forms a connection with an Enosh member, meeting him or her once a week for one and a half hours during which time they chat, go out for a walk, go to a coffee house, see a film or concert together. Sometimes the meeting takes place in the member's home, where they may prepare and eat a meal together or listen to music etc. The goal of this type of volunteer program is to enable the mentally ill person to experience a warm and supportive relationship with a representative of the 'healthy' community.

3. Join 'Friends of Enosh Jerusalem'

In order to make our work with the mentally ill better known and to raise funds to ensure a rich and varied program of social activities for our members, we are forming a group of 'Friends'. To join please call our Chairman, Uri Laor at 6724723.

4. Volunteering within the Framework of your Trade or Profession

Members of Enosh need help in such things as checking rental contracts and small repairs in their homes such as house painting, electrical work or plumbing. We are always open to new ideas for volunteer programs. Call us at 02-6724723 and we will be glad to discuss ways where you can make a unique contribution within the framework of Enosh, Jerusalem.


10 Good Reasons to Volunteer in Enosh, Jerusalem

1. You can make a personal contribution to an excellent cause.

2. Help the mentally ill become part of the community.

3. Join a group of dedicated volunteers who give of themselves.

4. The work itself is both interesting and important.

5. Professional supervision and training.

6. Meet interesting people.

7. A variety of activities enables every volunteer to find his\her own special niche.

8. Required commitment is for a minimum of one year, two hours of activity each week.

9. Our organization believes in people, works with them and for them.

10. An opportunity to learn about the field of mental health, and to develop and broaden horizons.