Contributions and Donations

Enosh is a non-profit organization that provides an important service, on a limited budget. Only a part of our expenses are covered by the Ministry of Health.

Our goal is to provide service of the highest standard, to provide the mentally ill with opportunities for rehabilitation and personal development. In order to achieve this goal we must offer a wide range of programs for clients of all ages and levels of functioning. Only in this way can we ensure that Enosh will be a truly rehabilitative framework for its members. We must ensure that our social clubs offer members the opportunity to visit places of interest around the county, so that they will feel part of the general population. We must offer interesting and varied activities delivered by trained teachers. We must make sure that our programs are enriching and broaden horizons by introducing members to new aspects of life in the community.

All these 'extras' are financed by donations from Charitable Foundations and private individuals.

You are invited to be a part in the important work of Enosh, Jerusalem by making a one-time or ongoing contribution.

Please send your donation to Enosh, Jerusalem Branch, PO. Box 4326, Jerusalem 91042. Cheques should be made out to 'Enosh, Jerusalem Branch".

For further details please contact Zara Fisher, Director of the Enosh - Jerusalem, telephone 02-6724723 or Uri Laor, Branch Chairman, telephone 02-5633330.


8 Good Reasons to Make a Donation to the Jerusalem Branch of Enosh .

1. To show your support for the goals and aims of Enosh.

2. To show that you identify with the members of Enosh.

3. Your donation will be used just for crucial needs in the field and not for administration.

4. To invest in people who want to become part of the community.

5. To ensure the continued development of new programs for the mentally ill in Jerusalem.

6. Support a professional and reliable organization that will make the best use of your donation.

7. Ensure rich and varied activities for Enosh members.

8. Your donation gives you tax benefits,
Number 4506884. Amuta number 58-001-980-0.