Enosh, the Israel Mental Health Association

Enosh is a voluntary, non- profit organization with 53 branches throughout Israel. Established in 1978, Enosh works to advance and improve mental health services in the community and to ensure quality of life for the mentally and their families.

Enosh runs a variety of social rehabilitation frameworks that enable the mentally ill to live independently in the community and that reduce the need for psychiatric hospitalization. Psychiatric hospitals and rehabilitation frameworks release many people into the community. These people, like those mentally ill who have never been hospitalized, have many urgent and varied needs to which Enosh addresses itself and tries to provide answers.

Enosh activities cover the following areas:

  • Social rehabilitation
  • Clubs for leisure time activities
  • Sheltered housing
  • Workshops

Each branch of Enosh is responsible for raising funds to finance its activities, some of which are partially supported by the Ministry of Health.

The Chairman of the national organization is Mr. Tuvia Lavi
The President is Mrs. Hanita Rodney.
The national center can be contacted at
P.O Box 1593. Ramat Hasharon 47113.
Telephone 03-5400474, 03-5497583. Fax 03-5400474