The Jerusalem Branch of Enosh

The city of Jerusalem boasts a concentration of psychiatric services, hospitals, mental health stations and rehabilitation frameworks. This system has turned Jerusalem into a center for mental health, which attracts experts in the field.

The Jerusalem branch of Enosh, one of the largest and most highly developed branches of Enosh in the country, is an important component of this complex of rehabilitation services for the mentally ill in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem branch of Enosh runs five social clubs for people of various ages and levels of functioning. Three of the clubs function in community centers around the city and two run in Enosh House itself. Almost 200 people attend these clubs on a regular basis.

A sheltered housing program serves more than 70 people living in rented apartments around the city. In addition, The Jerusalem branch of Enosh has developed a number of innovative rehabilitation programs such as our Creative Arts Center and our Mentors program. A short description of each of our programs is provided in the 'Services' section.

The center for Enosh activities in Jerusalem is 'Enosh House', which is situated at 29 Shalom Yehuda Street Talpiot. Telephone 02-6724723. Fax 02-6731875

The Chairman of the Jerusalem Branch of Enosh is Mr. Uri Laor.
The Director of the Jerusalem Branch of Enosh is Mrs. Zara Fisher
who can be contacted at 02-6724723 for more information on how to join one of our programs.